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Notes of a Dirty Old Man

20 December
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You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal.
- William S. Burroughs

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35mm film, absinthe, anime, ann arbor, art history, asian candy, beer, biking, bill bonds, bjork, blur, bookstores, bootlegs, booze, boredoms, botan rice candy, boxing, buffalo daughter, buns, candy, chaos, charles bukowski, chicago, cibo matto, coffee house culture, communism, computers, cults, depeche mode, detroit, detroit tigers, dreamcast, dry-erase boards, dvds, fetish art, food, frank black, funkadelic, game boy, geek culture, ghetto blasters, ginger altoids, ginger crackers, ginseng tea, green tea ice cream, green tea popsicles, guitar, h.l. menken, haruki murakami, home recording, html, indie rock, industrial music, internet, japan, japanese music, john zorn, jon spencer blues explosion, junichiro tanizaki, kenzaburo oe, kim chee, kmfdm, korea, korean music, lego, limeaid, linux, m*a*s*h, mac, macintosh, mango, melt banana, merzbow, miles davis, miso, movies, mp3s, music, my bloody valentine, negativland, new york, nintendo, noise, painkiller, philosophy, photography, photos, pin-ups, pinup girls, pizza, plums, police report #015473, pop vs soda, portishead, propaganda, pulp, radiohead, ramune, rap, reading, resale shops, rice milk, robert crumb, rock, rockabilly, running with sharp objects, sex, sleeping naked, sloan, sonic youth, soy milk, soy nuts, star fruit, stereolab, sun ra, sushi, swimming, synths, takashi mike, tea, techno, the residents, the simpsons, the smell of books, throbbing gristle, unix, video games, vintage pictures, vintage porn, webcams, ween, whiskey, william s. burroughs, wine, women, yukio mishima